(paroles & musique : Matthew Bellamy © 2009)

      tempo : 132 bpm              mesure : 12/8             tonalité : Ré mineur



    Dm (4 mes.)

    Dm (2 mes.)   Gm     F        

    A (2mes.)       Gm     F (1/2 mes.)    A/C# (1/2 mes.)

    Dm (2 mes.)   Gm     F(1/2 mes.)     G# (1/2 mes.)

    A (2mes.)       Gm     F (1/2 mes.)    C#  (1/2 mes.)

    Dm (4 mes.)



    premier couplet

    Dm                                       Gm

    Paranoia is in bloom, the P.R.

                          F                                     A               

     transmissions will resume, they'll try to,


    push drugs that keep us all dumbed down  and hope that

                                     Dm/F   Dm/C#                

    we will never see the truth around.        


    So come on.

    Dm                                                       Gm

    Another promise, another seed, another

                                       F            G#                        A                

    packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed, and all the


    Green belts wrapped around our minds and endless

                                  Dm/F     Dm/C#        

    red tape to keep the truth confined.   

                        Dm(4 mes.)

    So come on.



    Dm               Gm7     F

    They will not force …  us,
    A                          Gm         F6    A/C#

    They will stop de… gra… ding us.
    Dm                    Gm    F    G#dim7

    They will not control … us,
    A                     Gm    F6     A/C#       

    We will be vic… to… rious.               

    Dm (4 mes.)

    So come on.


    troisième couplet

    Interchanging mind control, come let the

    revolution takes its toll, if you could,

     flick the switch and open your third eye, you'd see that
    We should never be afraid to die.

    So come on.
    Rise up and take the power back, it's time the

    fat cats had a heart attack, they know that

    their time's coming to an end, we have to

    unify and watch our flag ascend.

    So come on




    pont instrumental

    Dm (6 mes.)   Gm     D/F       A (2 mes.)

    Gm     F (1/2 mes.)   A/C# (1/2 mes.)

    Dm (2 mes.)   Gm     D/F       A (2 mes.)

    Gm     F (1/2 mes.)   A/C# (1/2 mes.)

    Dm (2 mes.)







    Dm (2 mes.)   Gm     F(1/2 mes.)G# (1/2 mes.)

    A (2 mes.)      Gm     F(1/2 mes.)C# (1/2 mes.)

    Dm (4 mes.)

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